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EFI SPA HOTEL wellness - beautiful terrace with a magnificent view
EFI SPA Hotel Wellness

EFI Hostinec

vegetable bar
fresh fruit juicer
Shrimp mousse with lardons and pickled radishes
Tartaletka with smoked bryndza, homemade bacon and marinated onions
Pea cream with smoked bryndza and butter croutons
Beef broth with ham dumplings, noodles and vegetables
Veal roast with anchovy mayonnaise, capers and gherkins
Creamed candied pork with homemade Carlsbad dumplings and cranberries
Soup with poached egg, mushrooms
Duck pate with homemade cranberries and toasted bread
Beef tenderloin tartare
Veal schnitzel with herb butter
Langos with homemade smoked sausage, roasted pepper ketchup, chabai marmalade
Potato dumpling stuffed with roast duck, Turanian sauerkraut with bacon, fried onion
Pinwheel with puff pastry with lemon mascarpone, fruit, caramel whipped cream
Aged pork burger in a homemade butter bun with gold, homemade fries
Pork ribs roasted on our beer, pickled vegetables, toasted bread
Fried cheese with home fries
Cauliflower meatballs with mixed vegetable salad, nuts and our yoghurt dressing
Roast pork knuckle with pickled vegetables, mustard, apple horseradish and sourdough bread
Croup arancini with blazing gold, roasted garlic cream, paprika ketchup
Egg yolk pasta with lemon sauce with spring peas and our marinated salmon
Ducati buns with vanilla schodo

EFI Pivovar

beer tapping
 EFI Dvanáctka second place prize


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