Part of the EFI SPA hotel is the craft EFI BREWERY and a top-notch brewery restaurant EFI Hostinec Osmec.

We brew beer to our taste. Because then we know we can be proud of it.



In the three-vessel brewery of Czech production, we brew beer of several styles and flavors for you. We brew exclusively from the best ingredients on the market and with the maximum possible amount of manual work. We do not rush anything; modern technology helps us only where it does not harm the quality.

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Despite its low alcohol content, it surprises with a strong taste and refined bitterness.

It serves great as a summer refreshment, gives strength during hard work, and leaves no consequences after all-night drinking.

IBU: 24 EPM: 8% w. Alk. 3.4% vol.

efi osmička beer
efi desítka beer


EFI Desítka is an honest and excellently drinkable classic, on which we did not skimp on hops. We brew it to a degree from Saaz hops and Czech malt. It looks great and tastes even better.

IBU: 26 EPM: 10% w. Alk. 4.0% vol.


EFI Dvanáctka is a well-balanced touchstone of every brewmaster. Along with Desítka, it is the flagship of our brewery. We brew it to a degree from Saaz hops and Czech malt. It is an excellent companion for the whole evening.
Taste the winner among beers from EFI Brewery. Our EFI Dvanáctka is awarded a silver medal on an international level. This award, which EFI Dvanáctka has received twice (first success in 2022, second in 2024), represents an important recognition for the EFI brand, ensuring that quality and taste are embodied in this golden drink.

IBU: 34 EPM: 12% w. Alk. 4.7% vol.


EFI Dvanáctka won silver


EFI New Zealand Pale Ale is an exceptionally fresh, light pale beer with a distinct citrus aroma of New Zealand hops varieties Rakau, Wai-iti, and Wakau. A citrus bomb that is a joy to drink. An amazingly drinkable concert of New Zealand hops.

IBU: 25 EPM: 12% w. Alk. 5.0% vol.



EFI Irish Stout is nobly bitter and impenetrably black Irish classic. Part of the Irish national identity, deep black bitter beer suitable for all-night drinking. Honestly hopped with the prized British variety Challenger.

IBU: 30 EPM: 11% w. Alk. 4.6% vol.



EFI American IPA is a popular overseas beer full of aromatic hops. A properly bitter and flavorful strong beer that stands out with a distinct floral aroma thanks to the hop varieties Amarillo and Azacca used.

IBU: 50 EPM: 14% w. Alk. 6% vol.



EFI Cascadian Dark Ale is a distinctly bitter dark beer with an intense hop aroma. It is a dark variant of American IPA! Roasted and chocolate malts together with aromatic hops Cascade and Citra provide an extraordinary taste experience.

IBU: 55 EPM: 15% w. Alk. 6.5% vol.


efi pšenice

EFI Pšenice

This is a very light beer with a high content of wheat malt and a typical aroma of bananas and cloves.

For our EFI Pšenice we used 50% wheat malt, which was brought directly from a German malt house, and Hallertau hops, which are also a typical German variety.

IBU: 15 EPM: 11% w. Alk. 4.9% vol.


EFI X-mas Beer

Fragrant Christmas milk stout for winter days. Nine types of malts were used for its production, giving the beer a flavor reminiscent of cherries in dark chocolate. The beer was further softened with oats and lactose, giving it a silky sweetness. To create a Christmas atmosphere, it was finished with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon.

IBU: 24 EPM: 16% w. Alk. 6.3% vol.


efi x-mas beer

EFI Cider

Our EFI Cider is made from pure apple juice from a Moravian juice factory. No flavors, colorants, or added sugars were used in its production.

Alk. 4.5% vol.


EFI Summer Ale

With a light body, lower alcohol content, and pleasant bitterness, it's ideal for drinking on hot summer days. Our unique hop selection takes you on a summer journey around the world. This beer features hop varieties from America, through Africa, to Australia. The generous dose of hops used in dry hopping gives the beer a fresh character and transports you to a sunny beach even in the heated center of Brno.

IBU: 20 EPM: 10% w. Alk. 4.1% vol.


EFI Summer Ale
EFI Tmavá jedenáctka

EFI Tmavá jedenáctka

Dark variant of the classic Czech lager. Thanks to roasted and caramel malts, it has a pleasant full body with a coffee finish. The honest hop bitterness is ensured by the hop varieties Sládek and Žatecký semi-early red, which are a must in any Czech lager.

IBU: 29 EPM: 11% w. Alk. 4.3% vol.


EFI New England IPA

EFI New England IPA stands out with its full velvety body, lower carbonation, and straw color. The hopping with varieties Citra, Sabro, and Simcoe gives this beer a distinct citrus aroma with notes of tropical fruit and coconut. A light strong beer, top-fermented.

IBU: 25 EPM: 15% w. Alk. 5.5% vol.


EFI New England IPA



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