Cardio area

The elliptical trainer is a combination of three machines in one. The lower and upper limbs move along a patented path which allows the muscles to be trained while minimising stress loads on the joins. This makes the elliptical trainer session very effective and, at the same time, gentle on the musculoskeletal system. Use the elliptical trainer to:

  • burn fat
  • build muscles
  • boost endurance
  • gain strength
  • improve overall fitness

Rowing machine
Our rowing machine is designed using the latest technologies and respects customer requirements which puts it at the forefront of rowing machines. The adjustable angle of the footrest with heel support and safety straps prevents you from stepping out of the machine during exercise. The inSPORTline River trainer monitors your training session using a quality computer that displays all training values. It allows you to: 

  • burn fat
  • build muscles
  • boost endurance
  • improve overall fitness
  • strengthen muscles of the entire body
  • increase the vital capacity of your lungs and burn fat

Exercise bike

The exercise bike primarily activates the lower body muscle groups.

  • It is very easy to maintain an optimal heart rate which maximises the effect of exercise on fat reduction.
  • It is also suitable for obese people.
  • It is a suitable alternative to the classic exercise in a gym or outdoor running/cycling.


Exercising on treadmill has a positive effect on blood pressure, blood circulation, increases the vital capacity of lungs and burns fat.

  • It allows you to improve the musculoskeletal activity of the whole body.
  • It has relaxing effects.
  • It strengthens the muscular parts of the whole body.

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