EFI Pub Konírna

The chateau restaurant EFI Pub Konírna focuses on honest Czech cuisine using local ingredients and seasonality. We've made Czech classics more interesting by offering fresh pizzas straight from the oven.

EFI Hostinec Konírna


The fourth EFI Inn is unconventionally part of the Račice Castle in Račice-Pístovice in the Vyškov region, near Brno.

EFI Inn Konírna offers its guests traditional Czech cuisine, but you can also taste the "signature" duck soup or our homemade pizza straight from the oven. There are also classic appetizers to go with the craft beer from EFI Pivovar, such as pate, tlačenka, utopenec or pickled cheese. We also have our own lemonade on tap, EFI Beaer Lemonade. We also have beers and limos in "to go" versions, either in PET or glass.


Every day you can enjoy delicious Czech classics prepared according to the traditional recipes of our grandmothers, but also our homemade smoked meat or sausages, "signature" crayfish soup, pizza straight from the oven or appetizers for beer, such as tlačenka, pate, utopenec or pickled cheese.

Monday 15:30 – 22:00
Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 – 22:00
Sunday 10:00 – 18:00


zámecká gastronomie


EFI Hostinec Konírna - bar


In the brand new EFI Pub Konírna in the premises of Předzámčí, you can take advantage of the indoor and outdoor seating and refresh yourself from our bar. You can purchase craft beer on tap from EFI's own Brewery, our house-made EFI Beaer Lemonade on tap, chateau edition wines, soft drinks, coffee, ice cream and small snacks. We also have our craft beers and limos available in bottles (glass or PET) for purchase to go.


In the newly renovated Předzámčí we have built a multifunctional hall Konírna, which is suitable for weddings, corporate parties or training. The hall is directly adjacent to the EFI Inn Konírna and it is possible to use the adjacent terrace with seating or an outdoor party tent for up to 50 people.

The hall has facilities, inventory and a multimedia TV screen with a diagonal of 2.5 m.

For your corporate event, training or wedding we will be happy to arrange catering, which is prepared by a professional team of chefs from our Brno EFI SPA Hotel**** Superior & Pivovar.

Sál Konírna - oslavy