Račice Chateau

Would you like to organise a corporate or social event in a splendid original environment where historic architecture meets nature in a forest park? Are you planning to hold your company’s new product showcase, a party, a chamber concert or an open-air theatre performance? We would like to offer you the courtyards of the chateau precincts in Račice-Pístovice

In the 3rd chateau courtyard, surrounded by the wings of the Račice Chateau on three sides and overlooking the opposite wooded hillside, you can conveniently place a stage, stands with refreshments and additional services, banquet and buffet tables and/or a mobile auditorium for 300 spectators.

The necessary basic facilities for catering are in one of the adjacent wings.

The Račice Chateau is situated on the border of the Moravian Karst and Drahanská Highlands, only 35 km northwest of Brno. It is easily accessible from the D1 motorway (11 km from the Vyškov-západ exit).


If you would like to organise your event or party at any of our locations, please contact:

Ing. Veronika Hanzelková
Commercial Director
+420 720 220 760

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