Personal trainer

To make your workout as efficient as possible and safe above all, we recommend that you use the services of a personal trainer. You will achieve your goals faster and reduce the risk of unwanted body overload. You do not have to think hard about the selection of exercises and their order. Our experienced trainer will take care of that for you and select the varied repertoire of exercises and recommend optimal training plan. Trainings are suitable for anyone who wants to avoid injury, learn the proper exercise techniques, expand their range of exercises and correct possible bad habits in exercises.

We offer:

  • initial interview
  • client body composition
  • preparation of a training plan according to the individual client's needs
  • preparation of diet plan according to individual client’s needs
  • training led with emphasis on proper mechanics of each exercise (elimination of health problems and injuries)
  • relaxation and stretching exercises (e.g. stretching, spinal exercises)

trainings according to pre-arranged time schedule