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Cardio zone

The elliptical trainer represents a combination of three machines in one. Since the lower and upper limbs move on patented track, only muscles are loaded with minimal impact on lower limb joints. Therefore, the workout on elliptical trainer is very effective and at the same time very friendly with the locomotor system. On an elliptical trainer you:

  • burn fat
  • build muscles
  • increase endurance
  • gain strength
  • improve overall condition

Rowing machine
Using the latest technology and respecting customers’ requirements counts it among the top rowing trainers.  Angle adjustable footrest support the heels and the safety straps prevent to step off the machine while exercising. Rowing machine InSPORTline River tracks your workout using the high-quality computer which displays all the training information. Rowing machine:

  • burns fat
  • builds muscles
  • increases endurance
  • improves overall condition
  • total body workout
  • increases lungs vital capacity and burns fat

Exercise bike

  • Exercise bike activates primarily muscle groups in the lower body.
  • On the exercise bike it is very easy to maintain optimum heart rate and thereby maximize the effect of exercise on fat loss.
  • Bicycle is suitable for obese people.
  • A workout on the exercise bike is a suitable alternative to the classic exercise in the gym or even jogging / biking in the countryside.


  • A workout on a treadmill has a positive effect on blood pressure, blood circulation, increases the vital capacity of the lungs and burns fat.
  • A workout on a treadmill helps to develop physical motor skills of the whole body
  • A workout on a treadmill has a relaxing effect.

A workout on a treadmill will strengthened muscle groups throughout the body.


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„This is a first class apartment hotel in Brno....squeaky clean, spacious and with comfortable beds. When we arrived, we were given vouchers for the restaurant and for a free glass of wine so decided to try the food. Great meal, more wine and friendly staff......very inexpensive and good fun. I would have no hesitation in recommending eFi to travellers of those on holiday in this city.“
„One of the best accommodation in eFI. The staff is very courteous and makes your stay very comfortable. In my opinion the Gym Services should be free for guests staying so long. “
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