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eFi W&F DAYS - Wellness and Fitness 3 days package

Day 1


Afternoon workout session – training on balance platforms and Bosu gym balls 60 minutes

Evening - wellness, BioMat thermotherapy

Day 2

Morning workout session - warm-up in cardio zone 10-15 minutes - treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical, exercise bike – according to client’s choice and dispositions, workout on the TRX suspension system with a focus on the major muscle groups, 6-8 exercises in 4 sets, in each set some of the exercises for specific muscle group change. Loading time 20-30 seconds, rest time 15 seconds, 3-5 minutes between sets. Total length of the workout 60-70 minutes

The afternoon workout session - warm up in cardio zone for 10-15 minutes, workout on multipurpose weight machine and by using weights and dumbbells in the form of circuit training at eight stations, the number of repetitions for each exercise 10 to 15. Number of sets 4-5, overall workout time 60 to 70 minutes. Workout finishing with Tabata 20 seconds of load / 10 sec rest 8-10 sets.

Stretching for muscle relaxation 60 minutes after workout for 30 minutes.

Evening - wellness, BioMat thermotherapy

Day 3

Morning workout session - cardio zone (changing of machines each 10-15 minutes) in the training pace set by the coach and the client's total workout time 40 to 50 minutes.

After finishing the workout, spinal and breathing exercises to relax the lumbar spine and regeneration for 20 minutes.

After lunch - Wellness




Diet plan

Day 1 – total of 3050 kcal

Breakfast: 770 kcal

Consists of: 2 eggs (Fried eggs), 100g turkey ham, 80 g low-fat cheese, 2-3 slices of wholemeal rye bread

Beverages: green tea, water, vitamin fresh juice 260 ml


Morning snack after workout: 260 calories

Consists of: 150 g plain yogurt with pieces of fruit (citrus)

Beverage: power boost fresh juice 260 ml


Lunch: 1030 kcal

Consists of: creamy broccoli soup 250 ml, main dish - beef with rice 150 g (dark brown rice), vegetable salad 150 g

Afternoon snack after workout: 300 kcal
Consists of: ricotta tiramisu
Beverage: slimming fresh juice 260 ml

Dinner: 500 kcal
Consists of: soup - vegetable broth 250 ml, main dish – salmon with either sea or freshwater seaweed 150 g, vegetable salad 150 g

Evening snack: 190 kcal
Consists of: salty pureed cottage cheese with spices 150 g


Day 2 – total of 3050 kcal

Breakfast: 770 kcal
Consists of: plain yoghurt 150 g, muesli with dried fruit (mix)
Beverages: herbal tea, water, energy boosting fresh juice 0.26 l

Morning snack after workout: 260 calories
Consists of: vanilla pudding with apricot compote

Lunch: 1030 kcal
Consists of: soup - beef broth with meat and noodles 250 ml, main dish - roasted turkey breast with creamy walnut sauce 150 g

Afternoon snack after workout: 300 kcal
Consists of: wholemeal baguette with cheese and ham, serving about 200 g
Beverage: detoxifying fresh juice 0,26 l

Dinner: 500 kcal
Consists of: vegetable salad with chicken and yoghurt dip, rye bread 300 g

Evening snack: 190 kcal
Consists of: mixed nuts without salt and other treatment 120 g


Day 3 – total of 2250 kcal

Breakfast: 700 kcal
Consists of: tuna/egg spread 100g, wholemeal fitness baguette

Beverage: white tea, water, power boosting fresh juice 0,26 l

Morning snack after workout: 260 kcal
Consists of: pomelo with cream curd
Beverage: cleansing fresh juice

Lunch: 1030 kcal
Consists of: creamy tomato soup 250 ml, main dish -  veal fillet with potato and avocado salad 150 g

Afternoon snack before wellness: 260 kcal
Consists of: custard sundae with almonds and raspberries

Fluid intake

During workouts and throughout the day still water with lemon and mint is available. After breakfast and lunch coffee without sugar is allowed (coffee stimulates the metabolic process), drinks sweetened with sugar are forbidden, only stevia is allowed. For relaxation purposes during evening wellness dry white wine 0.75 l / 2 people is allowed, on condition the fluid intake (0.3 to 0.5 litre of fluid per 10 kg of total weight, including soup and excluding coffee) is met. Dietary supplements such as protein, BCAA - recommendation after consultation with the client.

Package price including accommodation

1 person: CZK 4.595

2 persons: CZK 6860


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„Mindennel meg voltunk elégedve, a jövőben visszatérünk. We were satisfied with everything, and in the future we will return.“
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