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Finnish sauna

There are several reasons why we are attracted to sauna heat. Sauna helps us unwind, enjoy pleasant time in the company of others or simply make some time to ourselves.

The high temperature in sauna relaxes muscles, soothes nerves and stimulates the production of protective substances in the body. Heart rate slightly rises, but the dilated blood vessels in the skin compensate for heart rate and blood pressure increase. In the cooling phase the body temperature drops to the default value. By changing the warming and cooling phases the blood vessels and skin cells are encouraged to regenerate. A stay in a Finnish sauna cleans the skin's pores and therefore has good cosmetic effects. Thanks to efficient blood circulation the skin strengthens, tightens and eliminates impurities.

During your stay in our Finnish sauna sweat room you can enjoy relaxing music and soothing subtle lighting. Cool yourself off under a bucket of cold water, under the ice shower, a stream of air on the terrace or use the outdoor cooling pool.

Proper sauna bathing - Finnish sauna

The temperature in Finnish sauna is about 90 – 100 °C a humidity about 10%. Before entering the first time please wash yourself with soap, shower yourself thoroughly and dry yourself.

Warm up

  • Enter the sauna without bathing suit!
  • Take only sheet with you in the sweat room to sit or lie down.
  • While sweating rub the surface of your body with brush or washcloth.
  • Remain in the sweat room at your own discretion and after fully warming yourself (8-12 minutes), leave the sweat room.

Cool off

  • Cool yourself in the shower or with the jug, eventually in the cooling pool
  • Return to the sweat room when feeling cold.
  • It is best to repeat the procedure three times.
  • After cooling yourself off for the last time, shower yourself with tepid water, do not use soap anymore and dry yourself.


  • After the sauna bathing we recommend to have 30 to 60 minutes rest on deck chairs in the sauna lounge.

After finishing the procedures, we recommend to refill the fluids, preferably with unsweetened mineral water, fruit juices or other soft drinks, we recommend eFiFresh juices.


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